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£1,500 every month
6 payments of £1,170
12 payments of £1,005
Direct Relationship Marketing Services PRO Package, Specialised Done With You Service, Recommended Retail Price in GBP £1,500 /month  Or   $1,930 /month for our USA clients.
As part of the DRM Services PRO Package, we will optimise and evolve the message and offer of your business, setup the funnels and systems, create 2 paid and 5 organic targeted digital marketing campaigns as well as managing them on a daily basis for long-term scalability:
  C1. DRM Multi-Platform Cold Traffic Campaigns
This is our master campaign with 5 unique and powerful ad messages, each containing multiple high resolution images and audience interest lists. We Design > Plan > Create and Test new ad hypothesis, images and target audiences to keep evolving our campaigns gradually.

The cold traffic campaigns attract high quality traffic at the lowest cost possible to your DRM Funnel that we build for you, if you don't already have one. A lot less than what your competitors pay as they all try to gain access to a market beyond what they have now.
 BONUS #1: C2. DRM Multi-Platform Retargeting Campaigns
These campaigns are designed to re-target the people who left our funnel sequence at different stages. For example we can retarget them with specific messages not only on their main social media platforms but almost anywhere they go on the internet, even when they are reading their favourite blogs and shopping online.

The cold and retargeting campaigns are deeply entangled, one cannot perform efficiently without the other. You can take over your market with these two paid campaigns only when you sale a product/service at least 5 to 10+ times, also called getting a Proof of Concept. (Valued At £4,400 / $5,680 )
  C3. Organic DRM Niche-Specific Contents Campaigns
These campaigns can generate high quality traffic from Live Workshops and Events as well as the Value Posts, Articles and Videos you post on your main social media platform profiles, groups and pages.
  C4. Organic DRM Consistent Priming Campaigns
These campaigns are designed to Prime and nurture the traffic and new connections with Personalised Messages and Engagements. This includes liking, reacting, commenting and sharing their contents or endorsing them, genuinely. 
  C5. Organic DRM High-Quality Traffic Campaigns
Their sole purpose of existence is to generate Connection Calls, Strategic Strategy Sessions and new sign ups through Live Webinars, Training Videos and Direct Outreach Messages sent with a personal, human- touch!
  C6. Organic DRM Messaging & Closing Campaigns
This is the next natural step in our process - Converting the Potential Buyers into high paying, generous customers who are ALL IN 120% and dedicated to do the work, so they can get the long term transformations and results.
 BONUS #2: C7. Organic Automated New Connections & Promotion Campaigns

Fully automated campaigns that generate leads through your social media profiles by automatically connecting with a targeted list of between 1,000 to 5,000+ new prospects at a time. These campaigns connect you directly with the potential buyers and sends them a carefully crafted sequence of messages to turn them into clients.

This is automated end to end with a Master Funnel and Email Follow-up to book more calls and get new sign ups at a very low cost - pocket change compared to the time they save and how much it costs to pay for the automation platform, CRM system and email follow-up platform. (Valued At £1,900 / $2,450 )
  Optimise the ROI and campaign conversions while managing the campaigns on a daily basis, track performance, iterate and improve based on market feedback.
  Manage all the digital advertising side of your business to reach high end, soul clients who need, want and are able to pay for your signature Coaching, Mentoring and Training programs and services.
  Attract the people who will benefit from  your services, balance the needs of your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs with that of the demands your business and family may make.
  Sell your offer without being "too salesy or pushy" while operating and leading your business to Niche, Market and Global Leadership Stages. Be in a position where financially you feel happy, steady flow of at least ten to twenty thousand or more per month.
TOTAL VALUE IN GBP £12,300 ($15,880)
Get 22% Off With 6 Months Term (Save £1,542)
 33% Off With 12 Months Term (Save £4,620) Only When You Sign Up Today
We leverage technology and digitalised Promise Delivery Platform with a personalised, human-touch so you can have an exceptional experience:
 BONUS #3: Lifetime, unrestricted access to the Direct Relationship Marketing Services Promise Delivery Platform with continued support to help you create sustainable business models and generate consistent cashflow using paid promotional campaigns, specifically targeted social media advertising.

Communicate your values, attitudes and approaches effectively to turn potential buyers into clients that pay over and over.

 (Valued At £3,500 / $4,500 )
  Leverage systematisation, marketing automations and DRM Funnel to free up more time, so you can live an abundant, fulfilling and joyful life with your family while working on the business side to grow.
  Every ad message we ever write and run is designed to get a direct response from the potential buyers by using the right stimulus and copywriting techniques; so you can take more profit and cash home, even allow your partner to come out of work and plough it back in the business!
 BONUS #4:  1 x 90 minutes weekly calls for the first 3 to 6 months to set the foundation, integrate the systems, gather the necessary information and do the work in a timely, efficient way.

Followed by fortnightly review & optimisation sessions; so you can see the campaigns are performing and how our strategies and recipes fit into the overall multi-platform client acquisition system of your business. (Valued At £2,400 / $2,796 )
  Genesis Templates, Tools and Workbooks to manage the campaigns and everything from one place with dashboards so you can see the Key Performance Metrics and how much sales and ROI has been generated.

Typically we get between 1:2 to 1:4 ad spend return ratio, our ultimate goal is to get to 1:5 marketing ROI ratio within the first year of working together.
  All of our products and services are specifically designed for World-Renowned Agents for Positive, especially Transformational Life Coaches, Pro. Mindset Mentors & Corporate Mindfulness Trainers as well as Career, Confidence and Relationship Coaches.

We mix and match a unique sequence of high quality products, services, strategies and proven recipes based on what your business needs right now - everything you get has been tried and tested multiple times in the marketplace. 

 BONUS #5: Full access to the Self Transcendence Show with Royal Anwar online portal with 12+ hrs of high definition video presentations  (Valued At £2,000 / $2,300)
  Live a lifestyle of abundance, wealth, connections, power and happiness while being of service to maximum people. Be able to accept or reject work, leverage your time and energy better to focus on content as well.
  Be part of our Transcendence Community with 300+ fellow humans on similar missions and visions as you to Empower people; create powerful and lasting differences for your clients while building a widely recognised brand that supports increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of raising the consciousness of humanity together.

14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

This program absolutely works if you work. 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for some reason you're not fully satisfied, just email us and we'll refund you!
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