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 To Escape The Culling & Save Everything; Watch This New Presentation Video From Royal Anwar
"The best, most productive, effective and easiest way to get high-end clients that keep paying you over and over again is to build a big backend funnel*, and keep them as customers rather than having to keep going to the market all the time."
This Exclusive, Free Video Presentation From Royal Anwar, is Dedicated to all the Highly Dedicated Life Coaches, Professional Mindset Mentors and Corporate Mindfulness Trainers as well as Career, Confidence and Relationship Coaches who are ALL IN 120% to Create a Sustainable, Profitable and Widely Recognised Business that Empowers People and Creates Lasting Differences in Their Lives.
<•> *Create a multi-stage Client Transformation Journey with niche-specific, specialised products and services.

<•> Discover and deeply understand why your clients buy to better present and communicate your message to them.

<•> Get extreme clarity about the current and desired existence of your Ideal Niche Groups.

Define what their frustrating, agitating and overwhelming current reality as well as their calm, fulfilling, joyful and happy desired reality looks like using the river and bridge Key Promise Offer presentation framework.
<•> Evolve your business to the new, Decentralized Model and map out what it looks like at a high level with a Community Group, live show and membership platform all connecting together and creating an Ecosystem that you serve, exclusively, with your services!

<•> Design your own signature, hybrid program and what you talk about in each week. Before you do the call with the new client, optimise the process and training beforehand.

This way, you get to build an amazing program step by step and convert everything into Automated Delivery Packages that delivers the information 24/7 with uncapped scale.

​<•> Building your first multi-channel, Direct Relationship Marketing Master FUNNEL with 5 to 7 Organic and 2 Paid DRM Campaigns performing at 120% efficiency, channeling all the traffic to your high quality products and services demo videos that helps them to see how you can help them.

Scientific process to attract potential buyers from the deepest trenches in the market, and convert them into customers without being too salesy or pushy, in an empowering way.
​<•> See the different stages in your market so you can focus 100% on the 3% to 7% of the Potential Buyers who are ready to change and start now, and focus 20% on the other 80% that are not ready to buy yet.

But keep them in your group and Email Campaigns to nurture them because they are gonna be ready in one week, in two weeks, in three months, in one year and so on.

<•> The only way we can harvest in spring and summer is to plant seeds now. Start planting revenue-generating, life-transcending seeds by watching this special video presentation covering all the above and more, while it is still free.
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